How do you get premium quality pet foods delivered to your door so it costs less?

The "Natural Balance" range of pet foods represents tremendous value. Not only will you receive a delicious quality pet food, but it will be delivered to your home... and because you are receiving product directly, with no middle man or glossy advertising, the savings for you are considerable.

By buying "Natural Balance" pet food rather than another premium brand from the supermarket, you will on average receive an extra 45 days a year of free feeding. And when you become a "Natural Balance" member client, you will save even more through our introductory offers and ongoing client specials.

Irresistible taste for your pet

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We are so confident your pet will love our range of foods and supplements that we are happy to send you a sample free of cost and obligation. In fact, our confidence in the freshness of "Natural Balance" means we guarantee it. If your dog or cat does not love their new "Natural Balance" meals, we will give you your money back... no questions asked!

You can choose from different flavours in every variety of the range. So, not only can you select the variety that suits the age and size of your dog, but also the flavour they prefer. If you would like to vary the flavour each delivery, this can be arranged.

Quality natural nutrition for your pet

"Natural Balance" has taken a group of dedicated Australian researchers and technicians 30 years to develop. The result is the development of a complete range of naturally balanced, highly nutritious foods for all dogs and cats.

Only the highest quality ingredients are used in the preparation of "Natural Balance" food. Our technicians test the standard and purity of each ingredient on receipt. The ingredients are then carefully blended, and then tested again. The blended food is then cooked to perfection before being subjected to a third level of control testing.

And it is only after passing these stringent standards that the "Natural Balance" product will be released from the factory for delivery to you.

Home delivered convenience

• No more heavy shopping bags

• Never run out of pet food again

• Variety and convenience at your front door

• Individual service to suit your needs

• We're just a phone call away

• All this is to ensure the care and feeding of your pet is made as convenient and enjoyable as possible.

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